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The Purr-O-Matic 3000

The Purr-0-Matic 3000 was designed in 1991 and had been running fairly smoothly until November 2009 when the thyroid mechanism began to function in overdrive.  So far, all attempts at repair have failed.  The 3000 model was constructed to last about 12-15 years, so I’m quite impressed that it’s continued purring an extra 4.  But I’m still compelled to find a fix .  Sure, I could update to the 8000 model or go with the recently unveiled iPurr, but call me old school –  I’m simply nostalgic for the way things were before the bomb.

Another call to the P.O.M. Repair Man and he says, “All roads lead to cancer.” But I seriously don’t think that’s what it is.   It begs a comparison to Toyota’s mysterious sudden acceleration problem.  I’m no rocket-scientist, but even I knew it wasn’t the floor mat.    Now there’s a massive recall to fix a ‘sticky gas pedal’, but the skeptic in me wonders if it isn’t just a computer glitch.  So, going along with the cancer theory (and $284 later), a little radiation on the P.O.M. 3000 revealed no sign of a feline equivalent to a  ‘sticky gas pedal’.     This even baffled the Purr-O-Matic Repair Man who’s been repairing P.O.M.’s for 30 years.  He scratched his head and said, “Back at the  factory, there’s an old adage that says never junk a machine without greasing it up with anabolic steroids.”  So that’s where we’re at.

The P.O.M. 3000 has so far been oiled up twice and seems to be performing a little better.  Not great, not like the old days, but a little better.  So the question is – do I continue to live with ‘a little better’ or is it time to just pull the plug?


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