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Giant wild boars in Angeles National Forest?

What’s making wild boars so large and so vicious? Some scientists theorize they are genetically mutating from the nuclear fallout while others think they are simply a hybrid of the Eurasian wild boar and American pig. Either way, they’ve found plenty of mud in the Angeles National Forest after last week’s rains. But don’t sit down for bacon yet – these creatures run in packs and have sharp tusks that can grow up to 20 inches. Still not afraid? Wild hog mothers have been known to eat their young. Sometimes all of them. This is California’s latest problem.

Mike Cornwall from Arcadia told police he took the situation into his own hands after finding a pack of wild boars making a literal pig-pen out of his swimming pool. Cornwall says, “I got my rifle and shot two of these disgusting beasts.” The next day, he and his Rottweiler went hunting for the rest. “I was out all day and almost gave up, but then I heard a snorting sound from behind some trees,” said Cornwall. “I aimed and said, ‘This is for getting all that hair in my pool filter’.” He killed one more.

As if we didn’t have enough to deal with. I grew up afraid of coyotes and pedophiles. Giant wild boars are a new threat I’m still not sure how to deal with.

Mike Cornwall of Altadena killed three wild hogs after finding them in his swimming pool.


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