Fallout Girl's Blog


"Fake it till you make it" or "guardian angel"? You decide.

I think I’ve got my story and I think I like what I have.  Hoping he likes it too.  Either way, it is God’s plan.  Hoping getting this film made is also God’s plan.  Hoping that it’s a good film…okay, getting greedy.

That’s the thing about plans made by gods.  You don’t know what they are until they are revealed.  Normally, I find this incredibly frustrating, nearly intolerable and made worse due to the fact that I’m an alpha female control freak.  But when I look at my life like a new movie that I’m watching, or an improv show that I’m performing, it’s kind of exciting.  Going on the supposition that my “plan” has been written somewhere and I’m just reading it as it crawls along a teleprompter with no rewinds or reshoots, is kind of fun.  Like gambling.  Will red come up?   Black?  Snake eyes?  I don’t know!  Risk, reward…Risk, loss…Risk, reveal.  It’s all I can do.


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