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Post Roguing

Wow, I didn’t plan on the day after GOING ROGUE to feel so lonely. Yesterday was amazing, feeling like every step was ordained. Today, I feel like a helium balloon that a child accidently let go and now I’m floating up over the amusement park knowing that an electric cable is waiting to shock me until I burst.

So should I GO ROGUE again? Seems like a no brainer, but considering the only ‘god’ I believe in is some Jungian form of higher consciousness or some great mysterious creative force in the universe that my primitive ape-brain is unable to process, despite it’s hard wiring for religiosity, it feels like a cheat. A fraud. Sarah Palin, you got me into this mess, now get me out! Must be how both the Republicans and all of Alaska feels.

The BalloonBoy claims to know how FalloutGirl feels. Today, he said, "Even though my body wasn't in that spaceship balloon on that ill-fated day, my soul was. Now, there's no reality show, no rap career, nothin'. What am I gonna do?"


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  1. * T says:

    Hahahaha, love. this. mucho.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 1 month ago

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