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Radioactive Beauty: Snap, Push and Pop!

Not going to show the real thing

FalloutGirl just learned about a new trend – it’s called “Vajazzling”!  It is exactly what it sounds like, Beadazzling your Vajayjay.  Oh yes, it is.  At first, I was very nervous and thought ‘wow, some girls will endure a lot of pain to be beautiful’.  See, I’m the proud owner of a Beadazzler and the thought of doing that, well, down there, sounded like a big OUCH followed by a self-directed-rant that starts with the phrase ‘what the f*ck were you thinking, dumb ass?’


But as it turns out, the Swarovsky crystals used are adorned temporarily and held on by glue.  The only pain will be from the waxing, and gosh, that’s pain enough.  Popular designs include hearts, dollar signs and playboy bunnies.  I wonder if they could Vajazzle mine in the shape of the Radio Active Fallout symbol.  But what kind of message would I be sending?  You’ll find toxic waste at the end of the cave?   Run, boy, run?

Nevermind.  Let’s think of something else…

Ooooh Leonardo

The Mona Lisa?

The Scream

Liking this one

The Scream?

Old Fashioned is the new kinky

Cubist in a bad way

Campbell’s Soup Can?

Picaso’s Head of a Woman?

Any suggestions?http://www.salon.com/life/broadsheet/feature/2010/01/15/love_hewitt_vajazzle



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    Tee hee!

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