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The Tsunami of Workouts?

AmazonGirl could use a Vajazzle. Just sayin'.


FalloutGirl was excited and a little scared when RosieGirl sent her this link to an article about how “Interval Training” can cut exercise hours sharply.  Sharply??  Wow!  Maybe there’s an easier way to lose the 10 pounds that have implanted themselves on my ass.  Here’s a few excerpts from the article:

“High-intensity interval training is twice as effective as normal exercise,” said Jan Helgerud, an exercise expert at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. “This is like finding a new pill that works twice as well … we should immediately throw out the old way of exercising.”

Okay, so a scientist is saying this, I love scientists!  And I like finding new pills and throwing old things away…

Helgerud recommends people try four sessions lasting four minutes each, with three minutes of recovery time in between. Unless you’re an elite athlete, it shouldn’t be an all-out effort.

Certainly no elite athlete here!

“You should be a little out of breath, but you shouldn’t have the obvious feeling of exhaustion,” Helgerud said.

It’s L.A.  I’m always a little out of breath from the smog and radiation, so I’ve got that going for me.

Experts say that’s because intense bursts of activity are precisely what the body needs to build stronger muscles. Traditional workouts lasting an hour or more simply don’t push the body enough.

Ooh, an hour or more is definitely TOO LONG.

“You’ve exercised at such a high intensity that you’re going to create a massive disturbance in your muscles,” Bailey said.

Maybe this will balance the massive disturbance in my brain?

That creates a higher metabolism for several hours afterward, which the body will bring down by burning fat and carbohydrates.

Translation:  no guilt over the In-N-Out Double Double Animal Style I’ll eat afterward, followed by a Sprinkles Marshmallow Cupcake and glass of Malbec.

Moby's worst nightmare

This workout may be panacea I’ve been waiting for.  Four 4-minute intervals with a three minute rest period in between.  Okay, I’ve come up with an iPod playlist to Interval to at the gym.  Feel free to try it out with me.

Lady Shave by Gus Gus 3:58 (a serious bootie quaker, even though I’m still not sure what a “Lady Shave” is.  I’m guessing it has something to do with naughty parts.)

Rushing by Moby  3:02 (emotional sounds of longing and desire, probably for meat, considering Moby’s a Vegan)

Gigantic by Pixies  3:55 (Rockin’ about a big, big love while I shake my big, big ass)

Carolyn’s Fingers by Cocteau Twins  3:08 (Ada Lovelace’s theme song)

Won’t Want for Love by The Decemberists  4:07 (Angry wraith spirits making devilish deals)

Day Dream by Smashing Pumpkins 3:05 (a floaty shoegaze number)

Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine 4:13 (This chick is a belter with great gams and lungs)

Sheela Na Gig by PJ Harvey  3:11 (In honor of the Celtic Fertility Symbol)

I will update after the Interval Workout, if I don’t get swept into the Pacific Ocean.  Positive thoughts out to the people of Chile…Stay tuned.


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