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Rose-Colored Radiation

2-Buck Chuck, here I come

From ScienceDaily – Lighting can influence the way wine tastes.


FalloutGirl found this intriguing:

The background lighting provided in a room has an influence on how we taste wine. This is the result of a survey conducted by researchers at the Institute of Psychology at Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany.

Well I guess this explains why that $6 B.V. Cab tasted sooo much better at the bar Saturn’s Ring in Santa Monica than it did out of my coffee thermos as I waited in line at the unemployment office.  Saturn’s Ring is the only LA wine bar that tries to recreate the actual red and cobalt glow experienced on the moon Enceladus as photographed by the Cassini Rover in 2006.

Pretty colors, hey I'm drunk

It was found that the same wine was rated higher when exposed to red or blue ambient light rather than green or white light. The test persons were even willing to spend in excess of one Euro more on a specific bottle of Riesling when it was offered in red instead of green light.

That got me thinking…That roommate, that wife, that fat kid who lives with you—your awful, horrible, condescending, nearly illiterate, stinky, stingy boss – might actually seem better if you just change the lighting.  If the hue can influence how you taste wine, maybe it can also influence how you perceive a person.  Perhaps the term “seeing life through rose-colored glasses” isn’t a metaphor, but fact?  You could even hand pink-tinted glasses out to your in-laws at holidays. Oh!  Big idea:  maybe I should attach a pair to my latest screenplay next time it goes to a studio.

For when you can't walk the dog

“It is already known that the color of a drink can influence the way we taste it,” says Dr Daniel Oberfeld-Twistel of the General Experimental Psychology division.

This reminds me of the time in fourth grade when I put green food coloring in my milk for St. Patrick’s Day.  It turned a pale shade of jade and I just couldn’t drink it.  I knew it wasn’t sour, but a green dairy product sliding over my lips and down my throat was just too nasty.  I’m guessing there’s some evolutionary purpose for this.  Maybe, if something looks rancid, it probably is – and my brain tells my senses to protect me by creating an aversion to the green milk.  Good going, senses!  It’s the same reason why when others gag or vomit, many of us also tend to gag or vomit.  Back in the cave, it was likely everyone was eating the same wooly mammoth, and if it made one person sick, the others better barf it up too.  Survival is beautiful!  Back to making cheap wine taste better…

The survey showed, among other things, that the test wine was perceived as being nearly 1.5 times sweeter in red light than in white or green light. Its fruitiness was also most highly rated in red light. Additional research is planned to provide further insight into this fascinating phenomenon.

Ahem, yes.  I’ll bid on a stolen pink lampshade on propertyroom.com and start conducting my own research.

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