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Time, Time, Time. See What’s Become of Me. Radiation Level: Moderate

Why do skulls always represent the passage of time? I mean, who keeps this sh*t lying around?

The earthquake that struck Chile was so powerful that it appears to have jolted Earth’s axis into a new position and increased our planet’s rotation speed. 

Calculations by a research scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory indicate the earthquake shortened the length of a day on Earth by more than one-millionth of a second.  The change caused by this earthquake is permanent.

Are you serious?  This is really possible? Einstein said time was an illusion and I’ve always struggled to understand how it doesn’t exist despite the fact you can count minutes on a clock or hours between the sun setting and rising.  I’ve always known that life is short but at least you can measure it in years.  Now an earthquake has altered my illusion of time.  Geesh, the things they don’t teach you in science class.  I had to dissect that stinky shark, and pull its guts out and poke them but that isn’t helping me right now.  My life is shorter and I don’t understand why.

Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Viruses, oh my!

I’m not complaining so much as I am baffled.  Many people in Chile lost their lives and loved ones, so I’m grateful for my safety.  It’s just that in Los Angeles, we’re waiting patiently for the next “Big One” and now I have even more to worry about.

The days may shorten again. What if they keep shortening?  What if they get so short, they cease to exist?  Will we have to reinvent time – or just make up some other sort of illusion?  Is time like Santa Claus, real for a while until someone drops the bombshell?

Another skull! Who are all these headless people?

Ok, let’s walk through this together because I’m about to go Extractor crazy (my 6 sane/insane certificates are in my safe deposit box at Chase on Sepulveda if it comes to that fellow clubbers).

The Earth’s axis also was pushed about eight centimeters away from its normal position by this earthquake.  Just like an ice skater when she spins in a circle and pulls her arms in close to her body, she spins faster because the center of her mass is increasing.  So if there’s more land closer to the center, Earth spins faster too.  The physics makes sense, but I’m still creeped out.

Here’s what others smarter than I have said about this grand illusion:

– Time is the accident of accidents.


Nature’s Time is Cubic and perpetual. Linear Time is wrong and suicidal.

Gene Ray

(Not sure I understand this nor want to)

– I want to go ahead of Father Time with a scythe of my own.

H.G. Wells

(Angry!  FalloutGirl likes this)

– I’ve been on a calendar but I have never been on time.

Marilyn Monroe

– I wasted time, and now doth time waste me;
For now hath time made me his numbering clock:
My thoughts are minutes; and with sighs they jar
Their watches on unto mine eyes, the outward watch,
Whereto my finger, like a dial’s point,
Is pointing still, in cleansing them from tears.
Now sir, the sound that tells what hour it is
Are clamorous groans, which strike upon my heart,
Which is the bell: so sighs and tears and groans
Show minutes, times, and hours.

King Richard in Richard II by William Shakespeare

Can you find the skull in this one?


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