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FalloutGirl’s Oscar Picks for 2010

Best Picture: Inglourious Basterds

The best of American film

Tarantino has proved his genius before, but this time in a more mature way.  His handling of WWII is deep, dramatic, suspenseful and transcends any WWII film ever made.  Not to diminish Schindler’s List or the Pianist, but this is the first film of the new millennium that makes us feel like we’ve left the 20th century for good.  If anything, this film inspires.

Runner up: The Hangover

Comedies never get their fair due, especially since anyone will tell you a comedy that can engage emotionally and sustain through an entire film is much more difficult to accomplish than any drama.  The Hangover was supremely funny, well acted – Ed Helms actually had his tooth pulled for the film – and full of surprises.  Can’t wait for the sequel.

Best Director: Kathryn Bigelow

In the 80 years the Academy has been giving awards, best director has never gone to a woman.  She earned this one, big time.

Runner up: Quentin Tarentino

Inglourious Basterds was such an entertaining and thought provoking film.  He’s magic with actors and story.  No one can touch him.

Best Actress: Isabelle Fuhrman

She got it goin' on!

The film Orphan was the most underrated movie of 2009 in my opinion.  Isabelle Fuhrman’s performance left me shaking with chills running up my spine.  I was convinced her accent was real as I’ve never seen a young American actress inhabit evil so thoroughly since Linda Blair.  Fuhrman has major acting chops and an underlying sensuality that will serve her as she gets through her teens.  Watch out Dakota Fanning.  You’ve met your shadow match.

Runner up: Meryl Streep

I know, she’s been around.  But she played Julia Child with so much delight that I left craving that beef bourguignon the way a child craves its mother’s touch.  Yeah.

Best ActorViggo Mortensen

99.9 degrees

The Road was a dark film and almost unshootable, but Viggo gave a biblical performance forcing the audience to reinvest in the humanity of themselves.  No small feat.  And he’s hot.

Runner up: Jeremy Renner

Watching the Hurt Locker, I kept forgetting I was watching actors reciting lines from a script.  It takes true Army machismo to perform the role the way Jeremy Renner did.  His emotions and vulnerability frozen, cut off.  Yet you can see the depth, fear and narcissism in his eyes.

Hmmm...212 degrees means steam

Jake Gyllenhaal couldn’t have done this. We wouldn’t have bought it.  I expect great things from Jeremy in the future.  And he’s hot.

Best Supporting ActressMo’nique.

She scared the f*cking sh*t out of FalloutGirl.  E’nuff said.

Runner up: Melanie Laurent

Laurent’s performance as Shoshanna in the reality-twisting film Inglourious Bastered had a strength and purpose that was thoroughly impressive and moving.  She navigated through the film with such force, you couldn’t help but worry about her every moment she wasn’t on screen.  And the camera loves her.

Best Supporting Actor: Zachary Quinto

Not sure the temp on other planets...

I’ve never thought about Spock in Star Trek other than finding out a good friend of mine played a young nubile Volcaness on Star Trek: The Next Generation and acquired a cult following.  Quinto made Spock sexy in a way I don’t know how to describe.  Let’s just say I left Star Trek wondering about the extent of Volcan powers…

Runner up: Christolph Waltz

Playing a Nazi is never easy and Waltz had me terrified and seduced.

Best Original ScreenplayQuentin Tarantino  for Inglourious Basterds

Tarantino can write women’s characters on par with Tennessee Williams.  We are witnesses to the horror of Shoshanna’s tragedy and then Tarantino puts her into the worst possible situation ever.  And we love watching her play it out.  Write on, Quentin.

Runner up: Jon Lucas & Scott Moore for The Hangover

The Hangover was a great film and started with a great script.  Thanks guys.

Best Adapted Screenplay: Geoffrey Fletcher for Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire

An unthinkable and disturbing subject matter made watchable by Fletcher’s take on the script.  Got to give him mad props, considering the fantasy sequences weren’t in the book and invented by Fletcher.  Can’t wait to see more from you, dude.  Are you hot?

Runner up: Joe Penhall for The Road, based on the novel by Cormick McCarthy.

Another almost unshootable book made transfixing by Penhall.  And thanks for leaving out the bar-be-qued baby scene.  You know when too much is too much.

No Runners Up for this Dress

The rest of the Oscar categories I will leave up to those with more expertise in those areas.  Wishing a great Oscar night to all!  Go movies!!!

FalloutGirl would love to hear your thoughts…

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