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The Cemetery of My Identity

Radiation Level:  Moderate

Listening To:  Dog Days by Florence and the Machine

A full post to come later.  In the meantime, to celebrate International Women’s Day yesterday, AmishGirl took me to hear an evening of Afghan Women’s Poetry.  It was startling.  It was beautiful.  It burned my ears.  It opened my mind.

We all know how easy it is to take the little things like getting an education, choosing one’s mate, showing one’s face in public, not enduring regular beatings, etc. for granted.  So I’m not saying you should read this to feel better about your life.  I’m saying read this because it will make your life better.     Subtle difference, but important.

These women post their writing in secrecy.  Bodily harm faces them if they are caught.  But apparently they love getting feed back on the website, so if you leave a comment, you’re sure to make a young woman’s day.  Go forth and read!



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