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Earthquake Weather

Radiation Level:  Elevated

Listening To:  Little Earthquakes by Tori Amos

It's gettin' hot in here

I woke up yesterday morning to feel something I haven’t felt in a while. Heat.  Actual warmth-from-the-sun-kind-of-heat.  I understand that in LA, it never really gets cold, but it’s not always hot either.  Yesterday and today however, temps are in the 80’s.  Got me thinking: it sure does feel like earthquake weather.  And yesterday there was in fact, a 4.4 shaker.  For those of you who don’t live in an area where the ground occasionally breaks apart under you, I’ll try to describe what earthquake weather feels like:

Hot.  Dry.  The air is still.  Santa Ana winds long gone.  And there’s this feeling that time is moving more slowly than usual.  There’s a stifle in the air.  An almost echoing effect on city sounds.  Images of childhood flash – those days playing out doors or riding bikes.  The smell of smog and diesel exhaust.  A longing for Otterpops.

In the 4th century B.C., Aristotle first monitored earthquake weather hoping to find some way to predict the disastrous events.  And we still haven’t figured it out.  So people go on making a killing every year selling “Go Bags”.  Hmmm…I wonder if the Go Bag lobbyers are behind this?

Here’s what’s in my earthquake bag:

The collected works of Charles Dickens.  Always wanted to make my way through them and can’t think of a better time

10 Luna bars

10 cans of Spagettios with pop tops

10 tampons (sorry, but you’ll be glad I got ‘em)

10 Motrins

Marshmallows, graham crackers and Hershey chocolate bars for making smores

Peanut M&Ms


1 deck of tarot cards

Travel Scrabble  (in case the Scrabble ap on my iPhone isn’t working)

50 Chinese yuan (in case the Chinese invade)

50 Pesos (In case Mexico invades)

1 mandolin (always wanted to learn)

Copy of birth certificate, passport, drivers liscense

One bottle of Absolute Vodka (for bartering).

One box of red wine  (all mine)

One six-pack Canadian beer (I like Canadians, ay!)

Watercolor paints/canvass

35mm film camera

Scented candles

Lingerie (assuming I’ve got a lot of time to kill)

Ivory soap

Oh, and water.

What’s in your earthquake kit?

Lil Orphan Orange is my favorite!

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