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I Will be your Father Figure…

Radiation Level: 80 decibles

Listening To:  Drunk Girls by LCD Soundsystem

"Hello - is it me you're looking for - Kitty" by Lionel Ritchie

So I’m heading out to Rosen Music Studio tonight for SeoulGirl’s fab KARAOKE birthday party.  A little research on the net and I discovered that, according to scientists, Karaoke nights out are good for your health.  Studies show that drinking and singing with friends helped reduce heart disease and strokes.

Even if you don’t drink, there’s still good news!  Another study conducted by the University of Frankfurt has revealed that singing protects the upper respiratory system from getting infected, and stimulates the production of antibodies. Singing also serves to demonstrate the health and well being of the person. As many as 31 amateur singers were studied before these conclusions were drawn.

‘Singing is similar to meditation and walking in terms of its positive effects on health’, said Gunter Kreutz, the leader of the study.

‘People who sing regularly can improve their breathing, increase their supply of oxygen, stimulate their circulation and get their bodies energized’, said Professor Wolfram Seidner of the University Clinic Charite in Berlin.

What will FalloutGirl sing?  I’m toying with Billy Jean, but I don’t got the MJ dance moves.  So, most likely, I’ll rely on my old stand-by: Father Figure.  (tonight’s performance will be sans cane, however.  I ditched the cane in the parking garage at the Westside Pavilion thinking, I’ll never need it for Karaoke again.  Boy, was I wrong!)

Boy, this photo of me was taken a long, long time ago.

Here’s a note to any of you cougars out there – Singing also keeps the voice young, which can be a benefit to women when they enter menopause, a time when a woman’s voice loses some of its smoothness.  That’s my new motto – look young, sound young.   Growl!

People tell me I sound young for my age.

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