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Goethe’s Doppleganger Breaks the Box Office!

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Think Brad Pitt will play me in the movie?

Another conversation with Dr. 9Lives…

Dr. 9Lives:  So what are you writing?

FalloutGirl:  I just finished a script last week, so I’m in between projects right now.

Dr. 9Lives:  It’s crazy how vampires became so popular in our culture.  Everyone can identify with them because people feel like they’re getting the blood sucked out of them.

FalloutGirl:  Well, I think vampires in the zeitgeist has more to do with young women’s fear of sexuality.  With vampires there’s penetration, exchange of bodily fluids but no sex.  At least I think that’s what the Twilight stuff is about.  But I guess there’s probably a lot of interpretations.

Dr. 9Lives:  If you could write something that would resonate in the culture the way vampires have, what would it be?

FalloutGirl:  Well, that’s the million-dollar question, right? (Even if I knew I wouldn’t tell you.)

Dr. 9Lives:  What do you like to write most?

FalloutGirl:  Anything in the 19th century.  Which is my problem.  Period films aren’t very commercial.

Dr. 9Lives:  There’s tons of interesting people in the 19th century.

FalloutGirl: (yeah dude, I know.  that’s why I’m so interested in it)

Dr. 9Lives:  There’s the whole Roswell thing, aliens.  The Nazis.

FalloutGirl:  Um, I think that was in the 20th century.

Dr. 9Lives:  Oh, you mean the 1800’s.  Well that’s different.

Fallout Girl: (Duh!)

Dr. 9Lives:  Do you know who Maria Theresa is?

I shake my head, no.

Dr. 9Lives:  She was the mother of Marie Antoinette.  But her life was much more fascinating. Of course there’s Napoleon.  But do I want to see another movie about Napoleon? (Pause) I don’t think anybody’s made a movie about Goethe.  He wrote Faust.

FalloutGirl:  Yes, I’ve read Faust.

Dr. 9Lives:  He had some surreal experiences.  He even saw his doppelganger.  Do you know what a doppelganger is?

FalloutGirl:  Yeah, like a twin. (wishing mine was here now instead of me.)

Dr. 9Lives:  An EVIL twin!   He saw this person.  And he was forced into politics.  He influenced so much of literature but no one knows anything about him.  Of course, some love letters were found that he had written to young men, so I’m not sure the Germans would like that in a movie.

FalloutGirl:  I have no idea if they would or not.

Dr. 9Lives:  And then there’s Garibaldi.  He unified Italy.  That’s an interesting story.  There’s Bolivar in South America, he was very influential there.  What do you think of those ideas?

FG:  Don’t think I can really pitch any of them to a studio, but thanks.  See you in two months.

“I now rode along the foot-path toward Drusenheim, and here one of the most singular forebodings took possession of me. I saw, not with the eyes of the body, but with those of the mind, my own figure coming toward me, on horseback, and on the same road, attired in a dress which I had never worn, — it was pike-gray, with somewhat of gold. As soon as I shook myself out of this dream, the figure had entirely disappeared. It is strange, however, that, eight years afterward, I found myself on the very road, to pay one more visit to Frederica, in the dress of which I had dreamed, and which I wore, not from choice, but by accident.”

From Dichtung und Wahrheit (“Truth and Fiction”), by Goethe

Me and my dopplegager, walking down the avenue...

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