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Radiation Level:  Acid Rain 7%

Listening to:  Dumbing Down of Love by Imogene Heap

I love RomComs, most gals do.  I suspect men do too, though they may not admit it.  They are the hardest scripts to write because they are so darn predictable. Boy meets Girl/Boy gets girl/Boy loses girl/Boy wins girl back.  Our two protagonists have a “cute meet” and there’s usually a wedding at the end.  People have spun it different ways, but that’s the gist. Inventing a new twist is very difficult, but when it works like in Wedding Crashers, it’s fabulous entertainment.

One RomCom that I particularly liked was How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.  As part of their added content on the newest edition DVD, they ask an evolutionary expert and a psychiatrist why the sexes battle.  Thought this was interesting…Thanks to FringeBoy for helping me with this!  Enjoy the video.  And some of you may recognize the evolutionary expert – hilarious!


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