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Galpin Mazda, help!

Everyone knows how much FalloutGirl loves her Mazda RX8.  It’s fast, it’s sporty, it has a back seat.  Zoom, zoom!  But of course, just as the warrantee expired, things are starting to break.  Last week the battery died and this week, R.I.P. passenger-side window.  (Curiously, I had to replace my Macbook battery this week, too.  Mercury is SO in retrograde)

So I’m here in Northridge waiting for it to be repaired, which should take at least a couple of hours, assuming they have the part in stock according to the obsequious Mazda Service Advisor who highly recommended the Galpin Restaurant called the Horseless Carriage.

Who's driving this thing?!?

I bought the car at the Santa Monica Mazda, which went out of business way before the bomb.  So now I drive out to Galpin, which I don’t normally mind.  TateGirl usually meets me for one of two lunches:  1.  Tommy’s – chili cheese fries, extra well-done, hamburger patty, cheese, tomato, onions and pickles or 2.  Lido’s Pizza – Ceasar salad, large pizza with sausage and mushrooms.  Lately, we’ve been indulging in Lido’s which I have to say is the best pizza in LA for my money.  But today, TateGirl is working and can’t meet me, so rather than risk the Horseless Carriage, I’ll Tommy-it alone.

Miss you, Lido

Tommy’s is a short walk, during which I get to experience some of the Valley’s finer smells.

First, there’s carbon monoxide from the 405, which I have to walk under.  Then, there’s the fine fragrance of hops from the Budwiser plant.

I remember Busch Gardens, do you?

If you’ve never smelled hops, it’s sort of an overly sweet, musty, malty smell that is very unpleasant.

Float down rivers of free beer!

Now my lunch.  Technically, my breakfast since it’s my first meal of the day.

Yes, I ate the whole thing. Will be at Bar class later.

iPhone rings:  Hello, Ms. FalloutGirl, your car is washed and ready to pick up!

Wow, I think to myself.  Only two hours.  That’s service!

As I walk back to Galpin through the hoppy haze, past the Los Osos mural under the 405, I wonder how much this will cost.  One thing I read on the web said it could be as much as $350…

I sidle up to the counter and pull out my Mastercard.  Here’s where it gets good:

The LOCK BUTTON on my passenger window was on LOCK.  No repair.  No money.  Just big, fat, high speed EMBARRASSMENT!  I zoom-zoomed out of there as quickly as possible.


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  1. * T says:

    Oh my GOD, this made me laugh. Thank you, thank you. (gasp) Still laughing. So great.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago
    • Nothing is funnier than your penis-straw post:)

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago

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