Fallout Girl's Blog

Bjork and the Volcano Sing

Radiation Level:  32 Microwaves

Listening to:  Earth Intruders by Bjork

Finally, Bjork speaks out on her homeland’s volcano.  In true Bjork fashion, it is in the form of poetry.

Angry Volcano goddess, she is taking control.

She breathes out her pain in dust and lava.  Red, bloody lava.  She is fertile, YES.  A strong, fertile woman should not be challenged to a game of fear.  She will WIN.

Eyjafjallajokull is in charge of wind and sky, not you men with your machines.

Electric spiders dance in the sky.  Does it matter why?

Smoke fills my bodily landscape.  Pluming around me like a dress my mother made for me.  I wear it all day, every day.  I never take it off.  Except when you come to visit me.

Fiery steeds, enrapture me.  Earthquakes shake and capture me.  A lake, an ocean, a well.  Deep plunges into my hot, bubbling lava waters.

I take you as my lover.  Let’s sink beneath the water and tread slowly.

Passion.  Power.  Pulsating.

My crater bursts.  It’s not the first.

Steam.  Release.

We are one.  Fluid, molten rock oozes out of my veins.  I am alive.


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