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Radiation Level:  One Thousand, Eight Hundred and Fifty

Listening To:  Something by Chopin

But I need it!

I’m doing research for my spec pilot and have to admit I’m a bit nervous.  Not really sure why.  I guess the premise is a little out of my comfort zone.  (I’ll fill you in when I get it more developed)  Then today, as I was driving to Bar Method class, I had THE TWINGE.

SFX:  Dun, dun, dun DAH.

What exactly is the twinge?  It is a deep yearning.  A long longing.  Not for cheeseburgers.  Not for Chipotle beef tacos.  Not to max my Visa at Anthropologie.  Not for a glass of wine.  Not to see my dear friend BurlesqueGirl who’s currently living on the bottom of the planet.  My lust was for something else:

to write a script in the 19th century.

SFX: Lightning striking

If you know my work, you know I have three scripts set in the 1800’s.  Three.  This is precisely why my writing career isn’t making me fiscally envied.  This is precisely why I wrote my most recent script Fallout Girl.  And this is precisely why I must resist THE TWINGE at all costs.

SFX:  Two swords clanging

Something happens to me when I start to ponder the nineteenth century.  My imagination takes off like a fiery steed and doesn’t stop for 110 pages.

SFX:  Pounding horse hooves

I love those kooky, repressed Victorians with all their Christiandom and uncomfortable, harmful clothing.

SFX:  Bodice ripping

I even love the way they misunderstood science and even how the scientists of the time period took the Bible as literal fact.  I love the importance of a person’s character.  And I love that so many things – the universe, the earth, the human body – were all a giant, delicious mystery waiting to be unraveled.

I don’t believe in “reincarnation” but if I did, I could make a good argument that my past life was in England in the 1850’s .  When I visit London, I feel a certain peace, almost as if I’m home.

SFX:  Ghostly shrill children’s voices singing “London Bridges Falling Down”

Ay, me.  Hold on while I loosen my electric corset.


Ouch!  There.

SFX:  Deep exhale

I guess for me, the 19th century is an escape.  Like a video game or smoking pot is for others.  It is the fun place to which I retreat and oh, the clothes!

But today, I will not go there, not in my mind, not even my finger tips will type anything into the Google search engine if it doesn’t exist in the third millennium.  I will stay in the present and focused on twenty ten.  And the state of my bank account.  Though I do fancy some laudanum, a nice claret and a black pudding…


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