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Not me, but I had something similar

Went to get my hair done today with 369Girl, who I’ve known since I was 14.  Weird story.

I was going to Birmingham High School for 9th grade and really didn’t fit in.  It was a mix of bused-in students with uber wealthy Encino kids.  I was neither.  I was friends with anyone who would be friends with me.  This included one girl – maybe her name was Stephanie? – who I could tolerate because she seemed connected.  Anyhow, Stephanie had a coveted “off campus lunch pass” that I did not have.  She had it cause she was, well, connected.  The cool thing to do was to go to Taco Bell for lunch a block away – but you had to have permission to leave campus.  So we made a plan.

She would show her school ID that had the “off campus” pass to the faculty person at the check point, put it in her purse, pass it to me, and I would rely on the hope that they wouldn’t really look at it and I’d be off eating my Gordito with fire sauce in moments.


She and I looked nothing alike and I got caught.  Suspended, actually.  But, that day I was sent back onto campus for the remainder of the lunch period.  It turned out to be the day some young, edgy hair stylists from a local hip salon in the Valley were recruiting students for a hair show.  I was eating lunch alone when a young, new wave-ish woman walked up to me and asked if I’d like to be a model in the show.  I said ‘Of course!”, she handed me a hair clip and told me to assemble in a specific room.  Not only would this woman would turn out to be my hairstylist for the rest of my life, she would be a huge influence on me.

She cut my hair, dyed it, I was in a “hair show” at our school and I was hooked.  Now, I certainly didn’t have the looks or height to be a model, but being a hair model was different.  It was just about your hair and being young.  I was she and her husband’s hair model for years, modeling for shows at Sebastian, at salon openings and in magazines.

She became a mentor of sorts to me, as she was one of the only sane voices I heard when I was young.  Of course, I was helping her, but she was also helping me.  I got to watch her go from being pregnant with a little girl to sending her daughter to college in the fall.  And she’s watched me well, become me.  I have so many fun photos from those years and it all happened so strangely.  I would never have met her if I hadn’t gotten caught trying to cut school.  Sometimes there really is a silver lining.


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