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Even Jeff Probst Grew on Me

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Two Alpha Brains

Talk about drama – tonight is the finale of Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains and for me, it has been the ultimate payoff of any TV show other than the finale of 6 Feet Under.  Even the Sopranos left me disappointed when I thought my cable cut out.  When I realized there wasn’t a problem with my satellite, I wasn’t just disappointed, I was angry.  Are you kidding me?  That’s it?  But I have high hopes for tonight’s Survivor and really hope it blows my brain into little bits like the last several episodes have done.

I've become a girly man

Parvati, Russell, Colby, Jerri, Sandra.  As much as I love Parvati and love to hate Rusell, I don’t think either one will win.  I’m putting my money on Colby, Jerri and Sandra in the final three with Jerri to win.  I’d be satisfied with Jerri, who’s taken a lot of sh*t over the years for being a bitch.  I realized this season, she’s not a bitch, she’s just emotional and has a beta brain.  Her strategies are driven by her feelings, though I don’t think she knows it.  Whereas Parvati, Russell and Boston Rob anticipate all the possible outcomes from each move and manage the fallout.  They have alpha brains.  And also aren’t going to win.  (I guess we’ll see…)

I clean up real nice

I began to read Jeff Probst’s blog (talk about beta brains), but he started to grow on me.  He seems like such a puppet on the show, but his blog was a great place for him to express his feelings about the individual players and the enjoyment he was getting out of the game.

Tyson told me not to wear feathers to tribal, to practice my tai chi in private and follow proper banana etiquette. But that's NOT the way of the Dragon Slayer.

I’m counting down the minutes…


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