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The Crescent City!

Radiation Level:  5-10,000 gallons a day

Listening To:  classic rock on Bourbon Street

Congratulations to Gertrude Tribulski of Omaha, Nebraska! Gertrude correctly guessed FalloutGirl’s location – NEW ORLEANS!   Gertrude, you’ve won an electric car, the Nissan Leaf!  WhooHoo!  The rest of you, thanks for playing.

View from the bar at the top of my hotel

So yes, I’m in New Orleans and have already eaten myself into a food coma.  Here’s what i’ve eaten:

Went to my favorite restaurant on planet Earth, NOLA.

Appetizers:  BBQ Gulf (?) Shrimp and Crab Cakes.  House Shiraz.

Dinner:  Shrimp and Grits!  BAM! and a Chardonay.

Dessert:  Happy birthday banana, pecan & rum ice cream with whipped cream.  Candle.  Made a wish.  (another wish – that I had taken a photo!)  Coffee.  I put the whipped cream from my birthday ice cream in to my coffee.  Also enjoyed a bite (or four) of “ooey-gooey” chocolate cake with marshmallow cream, and toasted almonds and COFFEE ICE CREAM.  F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!

Then walked down Bourbon Street, kept walking and walking, pass the Hurricane and Hand Grenade shops, past the karaoke bars and the strip clubs, past the newly discovered gay area on Bourbon Street:

The middle figure is a Ken Dolls in a wedding dress

All the way to Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop (re: BAR).  This place has only candle light and is spooky and scary.

This is inside the bar.

This is just the first day.  Hoping to be hungry again some day…There’s plenty to EAT.  A little alligator cheesecake at  Jaques-imos is next!



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