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Who Said Fried Food Ain’t Good For Ya?

Radiation Level:  200 grams of fat

Listening To:  United States by Massive Attack

Today in New Orleans.  Woke up in the French Quarter.  So nice.  So full.  I was still in a food coma.   Yeah.  I ate a lot but I didn’t think it was enough food for two days.  Had coffee in the hotel room.  The thought of Beignets was just too much.  How sad is that?  I walked around looking for lunch, wanting something light yet cajun.  FAIL.  I had nachos.  (???)  Stuffed, again.  Then, I went shopping at my favorite store in the south, Trashy Diva.


So happy to have this dress!  I also got a red sequins flower pin to attach to the lapel.  I’m such a happy girl.

Went back to the hotel to cool off.  It’s 95 degrees with sweltering humidity.  Every part of you sweats.  Went to the hotel bar on the roof for a white wine on ice.  Then.  JACQUES-IMOS.  Yes.  This is the place where “locals” go to chow.  They don’t take reservations so you go and just wait.  And drink.  The bar plays ’80s music from XM Satellite radio.  FalloutGirl likes to play the ‘name that tune with 80’s music’ and won the championship.

The most remarkable vittle from the night was the Sausage Alligator Cheesecake.

This was de-lish.  I also had crab cakes, jalapeno corn muffins and crab stuffed shrimp.  All good.  All fried.  Whoa.

Then went to the Harrah’s casino.  Only $15 black jack tables.   (I prefer $5 tables)   Decided to play anyway and lost $120 in about 4 minutes.  Found this note in the casino bathroom:

She moves in mysterious ways.

Time to go back to the hotel.

Wine.  Smile:)

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