Fallout Girl's Blog


Radiation Level:  Increasing

Listening To:  Babies screaming the way they only do at Target and on airplanes.

Well, New Orleans has been the gift that keeps on giving.  Losing my phone was inconvenient.  But now my flight’s delayed and I’m frickin’ freakin’ out!


I have two magazines I’m waiting to read on the airplane (InStyle and Lucky) and I decided to download some really nasty reality TV from iTunes (have you seen Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair?  Me NEITHER!  but it’s taking hours just to download the first ep.)

The WiFi is pretty slow down here, y’all.  And this terminal is on stage 4 lockdown, no snacks.  No alcohol.  No water.  No restrooms.  Just a huge petroleum stench wafting through the air vents… Haven’t we learned anything from Katrina?

Looking for sharp objects.  Looking for sanity.  Looking for a way out.

Hold on to your snacks and electronics, folks.  I’m about to go pirate on your ass.

Wanna watch me "do monologues" for you in my "basement"?

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