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United States Postal Ice Cream Truck?

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You may remember my post a while back about the “missing” stamp machines at my local post office.  Apparently, the company that services the stamp vending machines that I’ve used my whole life went out of business and the machines were taken to be turned into scrap metal and sold for .42 cents a pound.  I bemoaned.  Who wants to wait and that ridiculous line at the post office just to buy stamps?  Well, good ‘ol Uncle Sam has a solution! The roving stamp truck!

Yes, taking a cue from the historical bread truck and the modern day Twitterific gourmet food truck (think Grilled Cheese or Korean BBQ) the post office is on the current trend.  While USPS never felt compelled to follow other delivery trends like becoming competitive with reliable Fed Ex or cash cow, UPS, for some reason it has joined the 21st century and gotten on the roving truck bandwagon.

Let’s take a look.

Can I get a taco C.O.D.?

So basically, you can go inside the Culver City post office OR you can buy stamps from this truck waiting outside.  Is this the best way to sell stamps?  Is this environmentally sound?  Why does this reek of shady to me?   I’d love to meet the person responsible for this brainchild.   At least you can follow it on twitter  https://twitter.com/OIGUSPS

Hmm.  I’m ready for lunch.

Dope nom nom 4 2day:0


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