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From USA Today:

As Joran van der Sloot was taken to be interrogated, “…seven Indian shamans in brightly colored ponchos repeatedly stabbed a cloth doll representing van der Sloot in a “spiritual punishment” ritual. “We’re punishing him so that all the forces of evil are purged,” one shouted.

Despite having admitted on videotape that he  organized Natalie Holloway’s lifeless body to be dumped in the ocean, Joran van der Sloot never faced murder charges and is still not considered a suspect by Arruban authorities.  Despite trying to extort $250K from Natalie’s poor mother promising details about the beauty’s death and location of her body, van der Sloot remained a free man.  NOT ANY MORE.

The world has lost another beautiful woman to this monster.  Stephany Flores was brutally beaten, some reports say she was even missing an eye.  And van der Sloot claims he’s innocent.  GOOD LUCK, DUTCHIE.

I had always assumed that Natalie’s death was more or less an accident.  That he fed her a deadly mix of drugs and alcohol and she OD’d or that she suffocated with her face in the sand while he raped her.   And this “kid” panicked and got rid of the body, knowing his father the judge could protect him, even if her death came back to him.   I now think it was premeditated murder and his father paid off the Arruban authorities.

Joran’s family protected him.  As a result, he faced no consequences for his actions.  Was he born a psychopath or did he grow into one?   I also read he was selling Thai women into sexual prostitution for $13,000 each.  Why does he hate women so much?  Does his mother know why?  Does he know why?  He clearly can’t have sex with them without drugging them.  This guy is a sick mother-f*cker, the scum of the earth.  I’ve always been against the death penalty, but the older I get, I just think get rid of this guy.  Study him then turn him into fish food.  Same thing with child molesters.  The CANNOT be rehabilitated.

How a young, handsome man with family and means can end up such a blight on humanity frightens me.  Really bad.  I know humanity has a dark side, but this is beyond dark.  It is animal.  It is evil.

Reporters said van der Scum was teary eyed when he was being parading into the jail.  But that would mean he felt bad.  Or he was scared.  Or he was acting. That’s the problem with most killers, they are exceptionally intelligent.    It remains to be seen if Joran is smart.  Leaving the poor girl in a hotel room registered to his name does not sound smart.  It sounds like he’s arrogant, believing himself to be untouchable.   Killing again 5 years to the day of Natalie’s murder.

OR perhaps he wanted to get caught.  Consciously or unconsciously.   After all, he set this one up so that all fingers pointed to him.  And he left the body, surely with his DNA all over it.     Did he really believe he could just get out of town, never to be seen again?   He told the cab drivers he used to live in Arruba.  What he was thinking, I don’t know.

More from USA TODAY:  Gen. Guardia said that at 8:10 a.m., nearly an hour and a half before leaving the hotel, van der Sloot walked across the street alone, bought bread and two cups of coffee at a supermarket and returned to his hotel room.

My heart goes out to the families of these young women.  Though Joran may spend the next 35 years in a Peruvian prison, justice will never be served.

LISTEN UP YOUNG WOMEN:  Do NOT go home ALONE with a man you don’t know or just met.  Even if he seems like a nice guy.  Date in public places and get to know someone before you go home with them, BOTTOM LINE.

Rest in peace…


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