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I’m Hung

Radiation Level:  14 inches

Listening To:  I’ll Be Your Man by the Black Keys

Not hung over.  Hung as in like a horse.  Not me of course.  I’m writing a spec of the HBO show Hung to apply to the ABC writer’s workshop and the Warner Bros. writer training program.  This was a big decision for me, AmishGirl really pushed me.  See, I’m on page 31 of my original pilot spec, so I have to halt working on it because these programs don’t let you send in original work – you have to send in a spec from a show that is currently shooting or on air.  And the dead line is June 30th.  YIKES!  That’s in 20 days!

Love Anne Heche! Love the twins!

I kevetched all day.  All these thoughts ran through my head – I want to write MOVIES!  I want to write in the 19th century!  That’s who I am as an artist!  Then I went to the self-loathing.  I’m just self-sabotaging.  I don’t want to work hard.  I’m lazy.  I don’t deserve to succeed.  Blah, blah, blah.  I’ve heard it all in my head a million times.

I never self-sabotage. I'm beautiful. Why would I?

Then I sat down.  Laptop on lap.  Opened Final Draft 8 – for some reason the TV template doesn’t work – but finally I started typing.  And I didn’t stop for 11 pages.  Hung is only a half hour show, so I only need about 19 more.  That’s it!  I really think I can do this!  The first draft will probably be a mess, but if I finish it quickly, I can have a good week or so to work on it.   Holy cow!

Well, you know what I’ll be doing for the next 20 days.  That’s right, Googling male prostitution!  Oh, I love research…



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