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Just peeked at KodakGirl’s blog and realized I’m caught up in the insanity that is LA and she, luckily, isn’t. She’s reading books, eating homemade food and looking for moccasins in AZ while I’m panicking about my career, my lack of money and shriveling ovaries.  So I stole one of her lines as the title of my post just because it fits me so well.  Relax to that!

I’m on page 20 of my Hung spec, but really am just realizing that it’s going to take a *lot* of work in the rewrite phase.  I’m going to need to go to the Academy library and read some other Hung scripts.  I only have the pilot.  I have 17 days.

This panic has come the day after KindleBoy scolded me for being such a terrible business person.  He’s write right.  (I’m also a bad speller)  But in my defense, I studied theater and then screenwriting, not business.  While some call it a “dream” others call it naiveté obtuseness that I thought I could write movies and SELL them.  It really is preposterous.  The truth is, I need KindleBoy.  I’ve always known it, but preferred to live in the world of denial where movies magically made themselves. You mean Drew Barrymore isn’t beating down my door to play Dolley Madison?  (between you and me, I think if she read it, she would.  My whole heart is in that script.)  But getting scripts like that to people like her takes some finessing.  And favor pulling.  And oh yeah, studios are only making sequels and comic book stories, remakes or stuff about vampires.  But won’t they get tired soon?  Won’t they want to make a film about a true American heroine?    I think, they will.

If not, I could try to make a documentary like “My Date with Drew” where that guy wouldn’t stop until she ever so graciously went on a date with him.  That is totally something Dolley would have done!   I could call it, “My Biopic with Drew”.  Would she be as gracious to me?   Until then, I need to find some intellectual property or brand that a studio will make into a movie.  Any suggestions?

Drew, you were meant to play me!


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  1. * T says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your title… I’ll probably be back there soon, blood-on-the-typewriter-wise. But I am super convinced you’ve made a good decision with this Hung script idea and applying for the goods!

    And next time I visit, I’ll bring you some moccasins 🙂

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 9 months ago

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