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Buried Treasure

Radiation Level:  6.8 Richters

Listening To:  Horse Power by The Chemical Brothers

This was a big week.  For the first time in what feels like a lifetime, a tiny tectonic plate under the fault line of my career shifted.  Not only for me, but for many of my friends as well.  If you know me and you’re a writer and you think nothing happened last week, wait for it.  I guarantee you it did.  How do I know?  Just weird, good cosmic energy that is propelling stuff to SHAKE.

My job for the next two weeks is to finish my Hung spec, finish my original pilot spec and to nail down my personal “essence”.  Apparently this is crucial to figuring out what “writing box”  I’m going to put myself in.  (Apparently, you have to get into a box, stay there for a while and then climb out)  Once I figure this out, I can determine in which genre I’m going to write.  Unfortunately, it won’t be period drama.  There’s just not enough of us history geeks out there to buy tickets to these films.   So.  RomComs?  Action?  R-rated comedies?  Hmm…

Should I go into this box?

Or this one?


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