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Farewell, King Henry

Radiation Level: 8 wives

Listening To:  Ravel’s Bolero performed by Pink Martini

The Tudors is over.  And I feel like I’ve lost a friend.  Not that I’d want to spend any time with Henry VIII, but the show was really beautiful.  Sure, Jonathan Rhys Meyers never took those acting classes he needed, but even aged and plumped for the camera, he was still easy on the eyes.  And what a thrill to get to see Natalie Dormer back as Anne Bolyn.  Here’s a young actress who started the role unsure of herself and then, over the course of two seasons, blossomed into one of the best young british actresses out there.  You go Natalie!

I would have liked Michael Hurst go a step further and torture Henry with his exes even more, but the horse with death as the rider was striking.  In the end, all of us, good or evil, innocent or guilty, meet that horse with it’s dark knight.  And so do all great TV shows.  Parting is such sweet sorrow…


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