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Can She Do It???

Radiation Level:  1.6 watts per kilogram

Listening To:  Seed by The Roots

FalloutGirl has decided to time travel back to the 20th century.  Remember it? Tower Records.  VCR’s.  Jobs.  What I mean is that I’m without a CELL PHONE for 48 to 72 hours.  How did this happen?

Some of you may remember I left my iPhone in a taxi cab in the Big Easy on my birthday.  When I got home, I got a new one, exactly 31 days before the iPhone 4 was to be released.  The Mac guy was helpful.  He said I had 30 days to bring the 3Gs back.  I could do that, then…  I filled in the blank.  I could return it and then get the funky-monkey, super-duper, sexy iPhone 4.  I mean, who needs to go to Mars when you can download an app for that?

So today was day 30.  There was one little glitch.  Sure, I have to get up at 5am tomorrow to wait in line to *maybe* be lucky enough to purchase the robot.  But I didn’t take the “upgrade” into consideration.  Wha-huh?

GeniusGirl at the Mac store tells me that once I’ve used my once-a-year upgrade, I don’t get to use it again for another year.  I’ll have to pay the full price for the phone, which is like double the “upgrade” price.  SERIOUSLY???  But I’m RETURNING the phone and the upgrade.  She assures me she’s seen it a hundred times.  She puts her hand on my arm to comfort me.  For real.  But I’m not giving up.

I call 611 to talk, for the 4th time, to an AT&T rep about the situation.  Turns out, GeniusGirl was wrong.  FAIL!  And I do get to use my upgrade.  Only catch, I have to wait 48 to 72 hours for it to get re-instated.  I can do that.  I hope.  It may even take longer to purchase this black tulip of a phone.  See you in line in the AM. Oh, does anyone know what time Starbucks opens?

Do ya think I'm sexy?


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