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Want to Direct My Life?

Radiation Level:  Blonde

Listening To:  Westend Girls by the Petshop Boys

Hung is turned in!  KindleBoy is sending Dolley to actresses with their own production companies!  Did rewrite on Fallout Girl (the screenplay) per producer’s notes!  Finished Beverage Research Study!  Have new director for other Period/Biopic screenplay!

Yes, it’s been a very busy week for FalloutGirl, but she’s groovin’.  I like to be busy.  Not, no sleep, no friend-time, no-exercise kind of busy, but stimulated-busy.  Making money-busy.  This makes me happy.

I still have to finish my other TV show spec and put a list of directors together for Fallout Girl.  I sent Fallout Girl to Sundance, with very low odds of getting into the writer’s lab, for sure.  But if it does (I’ll know if they want to read it on July 15), I will pursue directing it myself.  In the meantime, who the hell should direct my very personal, painful, funny, semi-autobiographical movie?

After a quick search on the IMDb and googling female directors, I’m at a loss.  Please Universe, reveal the right director to me…

Any suggestions from the blogosphere?

Kathryn Bigelow, are you available?


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