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Back at the Backwoods Inn

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LaLaGirl and I went to our favorite restaurant for a tasty dinner.  Going to the Backwoods Inn is a special treat because it’s all the way out in Santa Clarita.  We discovered the place after shooting footage for a video training game for the US Army where were were playing soldiers in Iraq.  (If you didn’t know, the 14 freeway will take you to numerous back lots set up to look like the middle east, complete with tanks and humvees).

Bad Ass and Hungry

The Backwoods Inn is always pleasant.  I order the same thing everytime:  Prime Rib and Stuffed Baked Potato.  YUM!

And extra horseradish sauce, please!

But the food isn’t the only reason FalloutGirl and LaLaGirl hearts the Backwoods Inn.  It’s full of stuff from the 19th century!

LaLaGirl especially likes the Coca Cola collection.

I love eating next to the president’s portraits.

They have a fabulous collection of antique guns!

So cool!

The China is called Strawberry Hill by Syracuse which is the same pattern used by Musso and Frank’s.

Native American Dolls looking to the right.  What’s over there?  A bear?

Go if you can!


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