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It’s easy to tell when I’m not mid-script:  I don’t blog as much. When I’m on deadline to finish a script, nothing becomes more important than blogging.  And laundry.  And Nancy Grace (character research, I tell myself).  But I’m in-between projects right now, trying to pick the best idea I can to send myself in a new, commercial direction.  But I’m going to try to get back into the daily swing.

AmishGirl in in KAMPALA, UGANDA! Teaching screenwriting!  I’m so proud of her.   I’m desperately looking forward to hearing her delicious stories of all that is Africa and seeing how it has made her blossom and evolve.  It is going to take several happy “happy hours” to catch up when she returns:)

Next, can I say that my iPhone 4 sucks. Back up.  My iPhone 4 is amazing. Until I have to make a phone call.  I know you have to find the phone’s furtive G-spot and hold it there, but I can’t seem to find it.  I feel like an inexperienced lover, terrified to try the act of call-making again for fear of failure.  Every single call  I have received or made has dropped off.  This is NOT good for my ego.

Solution:  free iPhone case.  And, guess what?  There’s an app for that!  I downloaded the app.  Carefully picked a case (even though they all looked the same to me) and was sent a confirmation email that my new case will be shipped to me in 3-5 weeks.  SERIOUSLY?    Hate to say it, but Steve Jobs, you’ve jumped the shark.  (Don’t tell anyone, but I think I’m going cheat on my iPhone with my older, less complicated lover – my land line.  19th century technology still turns me on!)

Big meeting this week. My passion script *may* have a new director.  A woman.  (SFX:  pleasurable gasp!)  Several years ago, a psychic told me that this project would certainly get to a full production, but not until a WOMAN got involved who could help organize the financing.  I’m really, really hoping she is the one.  I watched one of her previous films, a doc, that was so amazing and emotional.  I was truly inspired which is no small feat for cynical, old FalloutGirl.  This director had me believing in fairies.

Jersey Shore is coming back! When I saw the promo teaser for the second season, I grew so giddy, I hugged the person next to me.  A big hug.  I couldn’t think of any other way to express my joy.  Not many things make me as delighted as Snooki.  TiVo is set!

Can't wait to get my poof on!


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