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Path of the ‘Possum

Radiation Level:  Backing off

Listening To:  Peer Gynt from Pieces in a Modern Style II by William Orbit

That is Petey the Possum.  He is a baby.  I had seen him a week ago, clinging to his mother’s back as she foraged for carrion or cat food in my back yard.  Clearly Petey’s now weaned and was peeking into my kitchen thinking I might have pity on his ugly snout and feed him.  Not a chance.

Culver City has a surprising amount of wildlife.  Probably because the fecund Ballona Creek runs through it.  I once saw a brood of ducklings waddle up and down the cul de sac.  I found a turtle promenading down Overland.  And most of you know the issues I’ve had with raccoons when Shorty was alive.  Every summer, a family of noisy raccoons would move in under the house and end up making a grand mess with Shorty’s kibble and water bowl.  I used to think raccoons were cute until they just decided they could come into my house and party every night.  They were HUGE and not afraid of nothin’.

Though Shorty was old and feeble, I realize now that he still had that predator instinct and SMELL, warning off other creatures like opossums.  Now that my home is cat-less, Petey and his mother feel perfectly safe to tap on the glass door: “Food?  Bugs?  Garbage?  Dead things?  We’re into it!”

I tried in my previous post to find some hyperbolic meaning to Petey’s visit.  Does the animal world have a message for me?GidgetGirl suggested taking the “path of the possum” as spiritual guidance.  Interesting…  What I think she meant is that if opossums are great strategists and play dead when attacked (instead of fighting back), maybe that would work for me too.  That a different approach to problems might help.

So I’m going to try it.  You all know that I’ve been trying to lose a few pounds.  I’ve been attacking the problem with exercise.  I’m now going to take the “Path of the Possum”.  I’m going to keep exercising because it makes me feel good, but stop obsessing on my scale.  Instead of engaging in a battle, I’m going to “play dead” and see if the new strategy works.  I’ll let you know how it goes…

Can't wait until I weigh Baby Jesus!

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