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Radiation Level:  Sweet, Tart and Juicy!

Listening To:  Wondaland by Janelle Monae

Plumcots.  Some people call them Pluots.  They are not the same but easily confused by bad marketing.   I sure do love ’em!

This is a red plumcot and a golden plumcot.

What exactly is a Plumcot?    The short answer is a fruit hybrid created by Luther Burbank that is half Plum and half Apricot.  How is that different than a Pluot?  Well, the Zaiger family created a hybrid fruit that is half  Plumcot and half Apricot, basically achieving a fruit that is three-quarters plum and one-quarter Apricot.  If you want a more scientific explanation visit this website:


The speckled ones are called Dinosaur Eggs.  I eat them everyday for breakfast.  What a fabulous fruit!

Sweet, tart, juicy!

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