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Sa Ta Na Ma

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Think I'll run into Coach at Exhale?

Day two of Going Rogue.  I have to say that AmishGirl was right, this Macedonian Yoga teacher was great.  The class was focused on “eliminating fear” and though I’m not sure I got rid of any, the meditation was wonderful.

There was a time in my life when I meditated (chanted) every day.  I’m not a spiritual person, but it was the one thing that allowed me true relief from life’s suffering.  It really helped.  Then my life became less painful and I stopped meditating.  Lately, I’ve really been thinking meditation could help me with my writing.  It’s so easy to get thoughts of failure on a loop inside my head.  A little volume adjustment could really help.  Yesterday, I adjusted that volume.

I didn’t really notice until a few hours after the meditation.  But I did feel a sense of calm and clarity I hadn’t felt for some time.  It was nice.  I was able to focus on my new script, which I started without an outline (bad writer!) and complete the outline.  It was not easy.  It was not hard.  It simply was.

DAMN!  That Sa Ta Na Ma meditation is some good sh*t!  But, after all, it is God’s plan.

Maya Fiennes at Exhale in Venice – Tues/Thurs @ 4:15pm

Today, RosieGirl and I are taking a different yoga class with a male teacher.  I’m really hoping there’s meditation…

Sa: evokes a sense of emotion and expansiveness
Ta: creates a feeling of transformation and strength
Na: stimulates a sense of universal love
Ma: evokes the quality of communicativeness

A powerful way to use this mantra is to chant it for two minutes in your normal voice, the voice of action, the physical voice. Then whisper it for two minutes, the voice of the lover, the mind voice.
For the next three minutes, chant silently, in the divine language, your spirit voice. Then reverse the order, for a total of eleven minutes of chanting. This is called the L-form meditation. With each syllable you chant, visualize that energy is flowing in through the top of your head and out your third-eye point. The eyes are closed.

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