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My Ass hurts.

Radiation Level:  2 Aleve

Listening To:  Up with People by Lamb Chop remixed by Zero 7

Went to the other yoga class yesterday with the male teacher.  I was wearing my Ugg’s as I ran into the yoga studio to get set up.  The teacher said, “Boots aren’t allowed in the studio”.  I laughed.  He wasn’t joking.

This is why yoga makes me itch.  All these weird rules you would never know about until you break them.  Maybe that’s part of the Zen path.  All these opportunities to get in trouble without trying.  A lot like life.

The class was a basic flow class.  No music.  He chattered a lot.  But that was God’s plan so I went with it.  At one point, in between corpse pose and a sun salutation, he said to set an intention.  PERFECT!

My intention:  develop a fresh, interesting and funny IRS agent as a character for my script.

Then I let the intention go and focused on the poses.

Twist your upper body toward the ceiling but not your pelvis.  Is that even possible?   Owww.     Then some time after chair pose, when everyone in the room but me was standing on their heads, enlightenment was revealed:

THE IRS AGENT IS A YOGINI!  Recovering unpaid taxes for the government is his Zen path!   He quotes Buddha and preaches the dangers of karma.  Pay your taxes now, or you’ll be punished in the next life.

I’m going to run with this…THANKS YOGA!

As the Buddha says, "The only things one must do in life are pay taxes and die."


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