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It’s Getting Hot in Here!

Radiation Level:  451 Degrees Fahreinheit

Listening To:  The Sweet Talks

All this talk about burning Qur’ans got me thinking about the books that are most dangerous to me and my life.  I can easily conclude that these books are my Anthropologie and Athleta catalogues.  Tomorrow, on Sept. 11, I am going to burn them.  Not because I hate Anthropologie or Athleta, not because they hate my freedom, but because I LOVE them.  Every day, I dream of living in a world where I’m always going to yoga or spin or barre and wearing just the cutest Athleta workout clothes ever.

This workout top comes in Victorian Pink no less!

And I need something to carry my yoga mat otherwise it just uncurls all over the place.

Is this too matchy-matchy?

And then at night, I go drink wine with friends draped in Anthropologie’s best romantic nostalgia.

I might actually die if I don't have this Anthro skirt.

So gather the kerosine and matches.  I’m making a bon fire and I’m letting everyone around the world know that I’m NOT BACKING DOWN!  By burning the Anthropologie and Athleta catalogues, I’m exercising my free speech as an American.

Oops!  Gotta go, UPS is here with my Zappo’s delivery…


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