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I’ve heard grace described as having gratitude in advance, which is a lovely way of putting it.  Lovely to think about, hard as hell to do.

Americans always want more.  I always want more.  I’m not sure if I can help it.  But I have this iPhone app called YOGI SAYS and you touch the Yogi to receive ancient wisdom.

Pretty cool, huh?  I bet you want it too because the 12 apps you already have just don’t cut it.

Well the other day as I was complaining about my career, I touched the Yogi and he said something to the effect of “Before you ask for more, are you truly grateful for what you already have?”

This stopped me in my tracks.  Uhhh…hmmm.  You mean I have to be grateful for this sh*t?  I’m so totally screwed.

And then I remembered how a friend of AmishGirl put in a kind word about a script I wrote to some film folks and they requested my script.  This was no small favor.  It was very significant and rowdy-dow, am I GRATEFUL!

So YES, I am grateful for kindness, also for the bestest friends ever, opportunities that simply present themselves with no warning and the freedom to dream big.

Am I grateful for the long, slow process and all the running on the hamster wheel?  Still working on that one…


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