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Your Touch

Radiation Level:  Hot, Hot, HEAT, Like Don’t Go Hiking You Could Die, Heat

Listening To:  Why You Runnin’ by Lissie

I dragged myself out to Hollywood last night to hear the Black Keys.  If you don’t know them, you may have heard them on the HBO show Hung – they do the theme song “I’ll Be Your Man”.  Here’s a listen to a song called “Your Touch”.

The show was at the Hollywood Palladium which has recently been redone.  In my twenties, I spent many an evening at the Palladium.  The Pixies, PJ Harvey, Jane’s Addiction and so many others, I can’t recall.   (Don’t get me started on my leather-jacketed Glory Days, out to see bands every night, the occasional Catholic School Girl Night, getting into all sorts of trouble then  hitting Cantor’s or Popeye’s on Hollywood Blvd. at 2am…)  But last night, Glory Days long gone,  was the Keys…

Photos by Timothy Norris

Just a guitarist and a drummer.  Later in the show, they added a keyboardist and a bass.  I loved the fuller, rich sound.  But there’s something so down and dirty about just a guitar, drums and a voice.   Whiskey-drinking sexy.  A bare bones, poor as hell, down on your luck vibe.  An evolution of the blues.

I came up with an entire scene for my new script listening to them play.  Funny how your brain works.  Back in said Glory Days, I was busy strategizing about how to get back stage and then seducing this drummer or that one.  I guess change is good?  Anyhow, I was glad I left my sweltering house and traveled east to let my brain and body rock out.


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