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I know I haven’t been blogging much.  I’ve been stuck in the “synthesis” part of my latest script, Golden Gate Bridge.  The part where my protagonist over comes his flaw and does the right thing – the thing he’s been afraid to do for the last 85 pages.  He arcs, as they say.  He becomes heroic.  I’ve seen it happen in a thousand movies.  Why am I having such a hard time making this one happen?

I’m guessing that it’s been difficult because the flaw is one I struggle with also. Hard to imagine I have flaws reconcile that I battle the same demons my 25-year-old protag does, but isn’t that the way one’s unconscious works?

Meet OTIS FINGER.  25.  Pudgy, face alive with cystic acne.  Diabetic. Unemployed.  Aspiring drummer, his idol is Dave Grohl.  Lives with his recently widowed mother and her dog, Little Peanut in a “painted lady” Victorian house in San Francisco.  Hopefully, he’ll be played by Jonah Hill or the whomever is the next Jonah Hill.

Are you kidding? I'd LOVE to play Otis Finger!

So what’s his flaw?  He doesn’t feel he deserves love.  Which is exacerbated by the fact his mother emasculates him.  And on one auspicious day, his entire life falls apart.  The catalyst sent to him to cause the change is a pretty young woman named PENNY PITTS.  She’s got a big heart.  She’s insecure, but she’s not the the typical manic-pixie-dream-girl.  At times, she’s annoying.  She can’t hold her liquor.  She laughs like a dolphin.  She means well, but tries too hard to be liked and loses herself in her man-du-jour.    Hopefully, she’ll be played by Isla Fisher or whomever is the next Isla Fisher.

Sure FalloutGirl, I'll play Penny!

So Otis has to do something to prove his worthiness of love.   To stand up and say, ‘I matter, dammit! before he can earn Penny’s love.  It has to be something big and meaningful.  And macho.  And he has to stand up to his mother and deal with his father’s death.   I’m exhausted just thinking about all his catharsis.

Okay, now that I’ve blogged about it, I better get to inventing this stuff!

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