Fallout Girl's Blog

A New iPhone?

Radiation Level:  71 Degrees and Sunny

Listening To:  Some guy chatter on about how to use iTunes at the Mac store in Santa Monica.

So my fabulous camera on my relatively new iPhone is crashing my phone. BUMMER!

So I’m currently here at the Mac store on the Promenade.  My “Genius” has been very pleasant so far.  He’s currently rebooting my phone to see if the software or camera app has been corrupted.  Meanwhile, I’m waiting in the “theater”,  blogging.

Oh, here he comes.

Genius:  Looks like it’s your phone.  I’ll get you a new one.
FalloutGirl:  Great, thanks!

It’s that easy?  I of course didn’t mention the half dozen times I’ve dropped the phone onto the concrete.  But that’s unlikely to damage the camera, right? I also didn’t mention the puddle yesterday my phone slid into at the grocery store.  iPhones aren’t bothered by water, right?

Well, I guess it doesn’t matter because my Genius is here with my brand spankin’ new phone.  I’ll call you later…


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