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Thursday @ 2:31pm

Weight loss so far:  1.4 lbs.

Apples? Bring on the fries!

This cleanse is bringing up stuff.  I’m realizing how much I use food to comfort me and distract me.  Unpleasant thought?  Just start thinking about what I’m going to eat for dinner.  Sitting in traffic?  Think about that glass of wine I’m going to enjoy when I get home.  Or maybe call someone to meet me for happy hour at Ugo and get that amazing four cheese pizza with truffle honey.  The juice cleanse takes those luxurious thoughts away from me.  It’s bringing back weird childhood stuff I think because food was a distraction and a comfort for me as a kid.  Right now, nothing sounds better than a Happy Meal, with the toy.  I’m only into my 2nd day of this damn cleanse and I’m already planning my celebratory junk food.

I feel like I’m at war with my body since I used to be able to control it and my weight so easily.  Now that I’m getting older, it’s doing all these crazy things.  Sort of like puberty.  No fun.

I’m allowed to drink green tea on the cleanse.  I’m on my second glass of the day and realize it tastes like ass.  Why does all the stuff that’s good for you taste so BAD?  Why am I feeling like a petulant child?

Also dreamt last night that I was standing over this tunnel that went down into the earth (probably inspired by watching the Nova episode about the Chilean miners) and I was holding about a dozen giant Italian meatballs, but there were too many and they kept slipping out of my arms and falling down into the hole.  Thanks for that one, unconscious.

Come back to me!!!


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