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Path Of The Possum Continues…

Radiation Level:  Full Bodily Scan

Listening To:  Dancehall Queen by Robyn

My friend LaLaGirl has several dogs and last night, one of her dogs, a Shiba Inu (ancient breed of Japanese hunting dogs) killed an opossum.

Forget sushi, I like me some MEAT!

A photo exists of the incident, but I will spare you – it wasn’t a pretty scene. LaLaGirl is the type of gal who carries spiders outside instead of squishing them and was completely distraught over the marsupial’s violent end.  To console her, I told her to consider the event from the Path of the Possum point of view.

As I’ve mentioned before, opossums are revered by the Native Americans for their ability to use diversion tactics.  The literal death of an opossum could imply the symbolic ending of whatever diversion tactics my friend is using in her life.  Instead, she should consider attacking any challenges she is facing head-on.

I said, “Stop rolling over and playing dead!  Get out there and fight for what you want!”

LaLaGirl mumbled something about not needing a dead rodent to tell her that.

Path of the Possum says she did.


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