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The Allure of a New Year…

Yes, the new year is coming.  You could even argue it’s a new decade with all the hope and promise of a Grand Marnier Souffle that’s just been put into the oven.  Time to get excited, really excited because – anything can change in a moment – for you too.  Great things are going to happen for both of us because IT’S A NEW YEAR!

Image from http://www.kaushik.net/

–>  In my world, in Hollywood, hope is like a drug in endless supply.   And I can get really high on it.   Hope is the “crack” of all of us struggling, aspiring, even working writers/actors/etc.

–>  So light up the crack pipe, bitches!  Let’s get high!   Because 2011, you’re going to be my year!  Of course, I thought 2006 was going to be my year, but when you do the numerology, 4 is much better for a Gemini than 8, so it makes sense, right?  Because 2011 is prime for all my fruit to ripen at the same time!  All my talents and investments in research and relationships are now paying off!

Ooh, do you have a match?  I need another hit off the pipe.  Nice!  (big inhale) Make sure you get a hit too, because I need you on this crack-hope-high with me.  I can’t do it alone, the illusion shatters and no, no, I’m not going all-negative on you.  2011 rocks!  This is my time, my town.  I’m gonna write my own ticket this year, mother-f*ckers!  Period drama is gonna rock the box office, you’ll see!  Vampire-schmampires – who needs blood suckers when you can watch a movie and learn about history?

Do you think I’m sexy?

–>  One more hit…  What do you mean it’s gone?  I’ve got ten bucks somewhere… Yeah, here go get us another rock.

–>  Oh, no.  Starting to come down.  Go over there across the street, that car, yeah, I’m sure they’re holding.  No, the Cadillac.  Ask!  I’m worried film funding is really dried up.  The British Film Institute is going to take over for the now defunct British Film Council, that’s positive, right?  They’ll fund me, right?  I know the recession has to get better, but seriously – they’re making Buffy the Vampire Slayer AGAIN???   Sh*t, no I don’t want no pot.  Let’s try the Honda.  Excuse me, do you have any rocks?  Yeah?  AWESOME, you’re my best friend buddy.  My bestest friend.  You like the 19th century?  Got a light?  (deep inhale)

–>   That’s better!  Whoo-hoo!  2011, you’re going to be my lover, yes, we’re going to find extreme love this year.  Cause I have this semi-autobiographical script that Sundance is gonna cream over, they’re going to read it and jerk off, you bet!  They’re going to eat it for breakfast!  2011 is going to kick ass, how many more days?  How many more days?  Until 2011?  Right, only 31!  I’m going to make this big chart and start x-ing them off, cause my life is going to CHANGE.  Your life is going to CHANGE.  Come on 2011!!!

–>  Another hit..?  No, we can’t be out again.  I spent all my cash.  Where’s an ATM?  Let’s go, I need to keep this high, gotta keep on truckin’.


Image by Banksy

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