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What FalloutGirl Wants for Christmas…

Radiation Level:  10 Inches of Rain

Listening To:  Weather With You by Crowded House

Listen up credit cards – yes, we are entangled in a romantic affair.  I touch you gently, swipe you hard and fast and my adrenaline races.  But your monthly love letters to me are less than  desirable.  As your interest increases, our relationship deteriorates.   I begin to despise you as you demand so much from me.

But now I have a new companion in my wallet.

From Gizmodo: The CardSharp is a devious little novelty blade that measures just 2mm thick, weighs 13 grams, and is fairly terrifying! It won’t be out until January for around $23, which gives us all plenty of time to revert back to the relatively safe environs of a purely cash-based economy.

This really turns FalloutGirl on!  Hoping someone thinks I’ve been extra naughty this year…


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