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Seeing White

Radiation Level:  190 mg/dL cholesterol

Listening To: Let it Snow

The blizzard has arrived in New York.  Tonight I’m going into the city to see Wicked for the first time.  And I guess I’m happy to see white.

Not so much snow yet, but it is starting to come down.  After all the rain in ill-prepared Los Angeles, this should be nothing, right?

My mother got a new dog, a Shih-Tzu, which apparently means lion dog.   Her long time dog Ruby, which she named after her mother, is alas, in her platinum years.  But I guess Ruby (the dog, not my grandmother) is adapting well to her replacement.  I’m actually happy my mother has a new companion.  And Teddy as he’s called, is pretty darn cute.


Not the real Teddy, but a doppleganger.

My mother also had a new business idea.  She wants to create dolls for disabled children.  Dolls with no hair for kids going through chemo, dolls with wheelchairs or crutches for handicapped children.  I was touched.  I said, “Mom, that’s so compassionate of you.”  She said, “I just want to make some money.”

So much for compassion.  If this is to be a truly lucrative venture to keep Ruby (the dog, not my grandmother) and Teddy (the less cute one, not the model pictured here) in pig ears and Purina, then I told her she should do some market research.  She said she looked on the internet, but found nothing similar in the way of handicapped dolls.  I urged to research the size of her target market.  At least I’m hoping it’s smaller than she thinks.  She assured me there’s plenty of handicapped, sick kids.  (sigh)

DISCLAIMER:  I have the utmost respect for people different than myself and truly admire their courage to pursue their lives in the face of adversity.  I do not know if I myself have the ‘true grit’ it takes to face such challenges.  I hope that we as a society, as a race, as inhabitants of planet earth, we can work together and end the suffering of children everywhere.

That said, I searched Google and found plenty of special needs dolls.  Apparently they’re quite controversial.  Some parents feel they bring comfort while others feel they highlight the differences.  I don’t know enough to make a judgement one way or another.  But there are a few niches that have yet to be filled.  Here’s some suggestions I gave to my mother.

Albino Abigale

For your albino girl to dress up in long sleeves and have special play-dates when Malibu Barbie seems too taunting in her bikini and convertible Corvette.

Special features:  Albino Abigale has alabaster-pink skin, pink eyes, white-chiffon hair.  Comes with sunblock spf 5000, Chanel sunglasses and self-diagnosis melanoma mole-chart.

Caty and Connie Conjoined Twins

For your conjoined cuties who like to create double-trouble and know that clothing “off the rack” is but a cruel joke.

Special Features: Caty and Connie Conjoined Twins come with double-turtlenecked sweaters, a ball gown that’s both sexy and sweet, iPod with four ear buds fully loaded with Cocteau Twins, Thompson Twins and the Scissor Sisters.

Depressed DeeDee

For your little princess who  isn’t handling your divorce too well.

Special Features:  Depressed DeeDee comes with her own pack of cigarettes, razor blade jewelry and booklet of epithets describing how you ruined her life, such as “That woman you call your girlfriend said you left my mommy ‘cuz she’s a bad lay!  You’ve ruined my life!”

Those are the dolls I came up with.  Hope this helps my mother on her road to financial freedom.

Any suggestions from you folks?

Stay safe, stay warm, stay full of butter:)


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