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I Really Should Go To The Gym, But…

Radiation Level:  Rain showers early becoming more intermittent overnight. Low around 45F. Winds NNW at 5 to 10 mph.

Listening To: Be My Boy by Handsome Boy Modeling School

A dull grey, rainy Sunday is the perfect day to be a gym rat.  So why can’t I motivate?  I have no lunch plans, no amazing book to curl up with.  Still, the idea of putting on my sneaks and contacts makes me want to hurl.

When I was sick, I lost 5 pounds and am LOATHE to gain it back.   But that In-N-Out burger and fries I ate for dinner last night doesn’t bode well.   I’m a lazy, beef-lovin’ a-hole, what can I say.

It’s 12:38 pm.  Plenty of time to get over to the Howard Hughes Spectrum.  Plenty of time.  Wait – what was that?

I just heard a giant SCREECH of car breaks and a CRASH outside.  Someone on my street just had a CAR ACCIDENT.  I hope they’re okay.  Does this mean..?  Is this a SIGN that I better not brave the oil slicked streets?  That I should remain in my dry, safe home for the time being?

I’ll take it as such.

Some good news:  Henry Cavill (from the Tudors) will play Superman.  That is super, man!  I hate superhero movies but this one I’ll definitely go see.



Hmmm….Rethinking the gym.

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