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TofuGirl invited me to join her gal-pals for a “clothing swap”.


I hadn’t heard of this before but I was intrigued.  The rules were:

1) bring at least 10 items (jewelry and accessories count)

2) only like-sized friends can come

3) bring a vegan friendly snack

4) all unswapped items will go to charity

Okay, this sounds fun.  But then I panicked.  I don’t keep a lot of clothes I don’t wear.  Will I have enough stuff to swap amicably?  What if people want my stuff and I don’t want theirs and vice versa?  I guess I had to go to find out.

I brought about 15 items total.  I did have several pieces of jewelry that I didn’t want to toss into the garbage despite the fact that I never wore them.  I brought a few nice Anthropologie skirts and shirts.  And Tater Tots.  But this paled in comparison to the Hefty bags of threaded-bliss the other gals brought.

There was a lot of STUFF.

After eating all the Tater Tots, chips and salsa, bread with artichoke dip and chocolate-popcorn-pretzyl things, the official swap commenced.

Each person would go through her things, almost selling them to the other swappers.  T-shirts, dresses, hats, purses, you name it.  Some stuff was very nice.  Some long overdue for the Good Will.  But it was okay.  In fact, it was super fun!

I was cautious with my taking of accouterments.  I waited until everyone else passed on them before I raised my hand as if I was at a cattle auction.  A few very fine blouses came my way.  And a UCLA sweat jacket.  NICE.  If an item wasn’t bid upon, it was thrown into a pile on the floor.

And quite a pile it became.  Unwanted True Religion jeans.  Pilly Banana Republic sweaters.  Ridiculous rave tank tops.  Pieces of Burlesque costumes.  A Campbell’s Tomato Soup clutch.  We had it all.  And tried on it all.  Then it was time for the jewelry store.

Zale's Eat Your Heart Out

Honestly, this was my favorite part.  Most of the jewelry I brought went quickly which was quite a relief.  And I was super-stoked with what I ended up with:

Once the bulk of the best pieces were claimed, it was “Funny Outfit Time”.

Poncho Pinch Hit

Here was an array of ponchos.  How 2004.  The blue one on time was mine.  Believe it or not, I was reluctant to part with it.  Until no swappers wanted it.  You see, these gals were all a good 7-10 years younger than me, so I deferred to their sense of style.  The knit Bebe poncho with matching shirt (which probably cost me a total of $160 and worn only once in Vegas) now sits in a bin at the Santa Monica Army of Salvation.  And I’m okay with that.

The Turquoise Trouser Teaser

Again, the Bebe sweater on top was once a fav of mine.  No more!


Purple Purger


I hate to admit that I was respsonsible for some of the purple here.

Here’s a fun one (nothing was mine)…


Animal Magnetism

And last but not least…


Faux Fur Phobia

FalloutGirl herself dressed to the hilt.  On top of the clothing and jewelry, I ended up with two terrific designer bags.


Black Is The Old Black

The one on the left is Coach.  The other Mark Jacobs.  Happy birthday to me!

So, overall this recession buster made for a fun, fruitful afternoon.  I’d do it again in a heart beat.   Any Anthropologie addicts want to come to the next one?  I’ll give you a ride…

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  1. * Dan Ewen says:

    “Black is the old black.”

    So true.

    | Reply Posted 7 years ago

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