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Banksy’s Here!

Radiation Level:  Artfully Increasing

Listening To:  Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine

That’s right!  BANKSY is in Los Angeles and I am super-duper-storm-trouper thrilled!  You know how much FalloutGirl loved the documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop.  (click this if you don’t know)  And now the mysterious street artist is leaving his incredible art in my hometown.  Aw, shucks!

This is downtown

He decided NOT to attend the Documentarian’s lunch.  But will he be a no-show at the Oscars too?  He requested to wear a mask to the award show, but the academy said, “Uh, no.”  Which I kind of understand.  But STILL… He’s a artist, let him be as freaky as he wants!

This is on La Brea

Will he send the doltish Mr. Brainwash in his place?  Could be interesting too.  But I want to see Banksy.

This is in Westwood at Urban Outfitters

But of course the world famous street artist is no fool.  He knows he’s all that more alluring by keeping his identity anonymous.  I like his style.  I don’t think he’s going to quit now.

This one on Sunset has since been boarded over. Has to be my fav.

But is there a way for him to show up and still remain incognito?  If there’s anyone who can solve that conundrum, it would certainly be him.

Please show up, Banksy.  Please let us know that you care.

Please let this be the most artful, exciting, academy awards ever.  Good luck!

Call Bjork. Maybe she’ll let you wear her swan dress…


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