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Radiation Level:  8.9 Richters

Listening To:  Big in Japan by Alphaville

A STATE OF EMERGENCY has been declared at the 40-year-old Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant where the power has been knocked out.  A crucial cooling system has been disabled and pressure is increasing.  Radiation levels are currently reaching 1000 times the normal level.  It will take at least 2 days for it to cool a reactor down completely, this is of course after the back up power is connected.  But how long will this take?

Nuclear plants use energy from highly radioactive uranium to make electricity.  Uranium normally operates at 3,400 degrees Fahrenheit.  To keep it from getting hotter, pumps circulate water to cool the uranium core.  The quake and the tsunami wiped out the primary pump and the back up pump.  If there’s no water, there’s no cooling.  Pressure builds which could trigger RADIOACTIVE STEAM into the environment.  If water levels drop enough, the core is exposed and temps can rise to 5,000 degrees and cause a meltdown.

This is a very serious situation.

Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku says that while the Japanese nuclear reactors are the safest in the world, they are not designed for an 8.9 earthquake.  Some radioactive steam may be purposefully released to relieve pressure if they can’t get those back up generators going soon.  The plant will try to filter out the radiation but apparently, this is extremely difficult.

We know for certain that Los Angeles is next.  Fortunately, the San Andreas fault isn’t long enough to produce such a quake of such a large magnitude.  But what about our Nuclear power plants?  Are we prepared?  Just last month, our House of Representatives voted to cut the funding of the Hawaiian Tsunami warning center that issued last night’s Tsunami warning.

No question my heart and hope goes out to the brave people of Japan.  Let’s hope our own country takes heed.


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